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The global market for electric vehicles in 2020


Canalys estimates that global sales of passenger cars peaked in 2017, and fell in 2018 and 2019. Before the pandemic, Canalys had already forecast another sales decline in 2020, and further declines over the next decade.

COVID-19-related lockdowns and travel restrictions affected the automotive industry terribly in the first half of 2020, and again in parts of the world at the end of 2020. Car sales fell by 14% in 2020, coming in at 66.5 million vehicles, the lowest number of annual sales for nearly a decade.

While sales of all passenger cars sank, 2020 was a landmark year for electric vehicles. 3.1 million were sold, up 39% on 2019. The share of EVs sold in the total passenger car market grew to 4.5%. The report offers regional and country level data and forecasts.

Canalys delivers comprehensive data and analysis of the electric vehicle market. Access all the research and analysis in an easy to navigate digital format.

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Scope of the report

Canalys’ electric vehicle outlook report covers the latest trends in EVs and demand for these vehicles. It provides and overview of new product developments, growth of the charging infrastructure and market share data for the major vehicle manufacturers. Understand which markets are best prepared for a boom in EVs.

Table of contents

  • Market data: All passenger cars.
  • Market data: Global EV market 2020 review.
  • Market data: EV market by brand and model 2020.
  • Market data: Global EV market forecasts.
  • Motorization and urbanization around the world.
  • Electric vehicle choice.
  • EV charging infrastructure.
  • Government policies.
  • Market preparedness for EVs around the world.

A fully digital report

Key topics are enhanced by interactive charts

Data and analysis for passenger car sales by region.

The global EV market in review, with detailed information on the performance of leading markets.

Analysis of how car manufacturer brands performed in the last two years.

Global forecasts for electric passenger car sales to 2030, showing the percentage of sales by market.

Motorization rate information shows those countries that will see greater demand and a faster transition to EVs.

The range of EVs available and the charging infrastructure already in place.

Government policies that will affect the EV market.

Regional charts compare the variables that contribute to the adoption rate of EVs in key markets.

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