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Now and next for the PC market in 2024

Revolutionizing computing: AI PCs and the market outlook

Unveiling the Future of Computing with AI PCs

What impact will the introduction of AI-capable PCs have on the overall market in 2024 and beyond? In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, the Canalys Now and Next in AI PCs report provides a comprehensive look into the dawn of AI in personal computing. This in-depth complimentary report explores how AI is transforming PCs, offering the perspective of Canalys' leading analysts on how AI is reshaping the technology landscape and offering opportunities for the future. Central to the report's deep market analysis is Canalys' projection that 60% of PCs shipped by 2027 will be AI-capable, highlighting a significant shift in the technology landscape. This data underscores the rapid pace at which AI is being integrated into personal computers, reflecting both the advancing capabilities of hardware and the evolving demands of software applications. The report explores how this trend is fuelled by the emergence of specialized AI chipsets, which are becoming essential for enhancing both productivity and leisure experiences on PCs.

The complimentary report is aimed at PC and component vendors, channel partners and their ecosystem as well as the financial community and investors.

  • Defining AI-Capable PCs: Understand what makes a PC AI-capable and how user requirements are expected to evolve.
  • Market projections: 19% of PCs shipped in 2024 will be AI-capable, escalating to 60% by 2027, with a strong inclination towards commercial adoption.
  • Industry dynamics: Insights into how major players like Microsoft and Apple are shaping the AI PC market through hybrid AI and ecosystem strategies.
  • Opportunities and challenges: Examining the potential for device refresh cycles and commercial adoption, differentiation through AI tools, and the imperative of overcoming user resistance and ethical concerns.
  • Perception of the channel: Exploring the sales enablement need for vendor-partner alignment.
  • Forecast numbers: Data compiled by leading global analysts on the market outlook for both consumer and commercial AI-capable PCs.
  • Security and privacy: Role of AI in enhancing user experiences and privacy considerations.
  • Future trends: Looking at AI applications and PC hardware development and successful AI strategies for industry players.
  • Actions: What must be addressed by industry players before they bring AI-capable PCs and AI-powered solutions to market.

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Why read this complimentary report about AI PCs from Canalys?

The "Canalys Now and Next in AI PCs" report offers a clear and comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in personal computing. Designed for business, technology and channel leaders from vendors, as well as investors, this report provides insightful analysis into the technologies that are influencing the future of personal computing.

Areas of projections and forecasts mentioned in this Canalys report:

  • Market share of AI-capable PCs from 2024 to 2027
  • Commercial vs consumer adoption rates
  • Trends in processor technology and roadmap
  • Adoption impact on various market segments (e.g., gaming, business, consumer)
  • Long-term market implications on the Total Addressable Market and evolving requirements of AI-capable PCs

In its market analysis, the report delves into current trends, future opportunities, and potential challenges in the AI PC market. This section offers a detailed and objective view, helping readers to grasp the complexities and dynamics of this evolving field.


The report also includes strategic insights, examining the approaches and tactics adopted by key players in the AI PC industry. This analysis is crucial for understanding how these strategies might shape the future of AI in personal computers and can inform decision-making for those involved in this sector.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of key components and processor advancements, crucial for staying at the forefront of the AI-enabled PC market. It discusses how companies like Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, and AMD are leading this transformation with their cutting-edge processors and NPUs, essential for realizing the full potential of AI PCs.

In addition the report includes forecasts and predictions informed by Canalys' research. For instance, it references the significant transformations in both hardware and software capabilities that are expected to occur in the coming years. These insights are based on a thorough examination of processor manufacturers' strategic directions and roadmaps, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate in the evolving landscape of AI-capable PCs.

Companies appearing in this report: Acer, Adept AI, Adobe, AMD, Apple, Asus, Audacity,, CDW, Dell, Google, Hugging Face, HP, Inflection AI, Ingram Micro, Intel, Jasper, krisp, LM Studio, Lenovo, Microsoft, Notion, Nvidia, OpenAI, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Qualcomm, Rewind, Samsung, Slack, TD Synnex, Topaz Labs, TSMC, Webex by Cisco, Wondershare Filmora, Xilinx, XSplit


Key findings

Canalys predicts a rapid rise in AI-capable PC shipments, reaching 19% in 2024 and surging to 60% by 2027, with a strong focus on the commercial sector.

  • Major PC manufacturers, led by Microsoft and Apple, are heavily invested in developing AI-capable PCs, emphasizing hybrid AI and on-device intelligence.
  • The growth of AI-capable PCs offers significant opportunities for innovation and differentiation in the industry, particularly through advanced AI features and services.
  • Key challenges include engaging channel partners for swift market adoption and addressing user concerns around privacy and ethical AI usage.

Your next steps

As you prepare to embrace the AI revolution, the "Canalys Now and Next in AI PCs" report becomes an indispensable tool in understanding and adapting to the changing landscape of computing. This detailed report will guide you in comprehending how AI is reshaping the world of personal computing, enabling you to align your business or organization with these technological advancements. By having the report delivered directly to your mailbox, you can readily inform your technology strategy and make well-grounded investment decisions. The insights and data provided are key to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that you are always in tune with the latest developments in AI and PC technology. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in a market where staying updated with the most current trends and forecasts is crucial for success. Sign up now to receive this invaluable complimentary resource and position yourself at the forefront of the AI transformation in the PC industry.

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