Canalys Forums 2022: APAC channel strategy for 2022 and 2023

Canalys Forums 2022: APAC channel strategy for 2022 and 2023

Canalys analysts give their views on hot topics for the Canalys Forums 2022 in this series of interviews. The APAC channel ecosystem and ecosystem collaboration are key subjects for our Expert Hub discussions with vendors and leading channel partners.


According to a recent Canalys survey, 87% of APAC partners collaborate with at least one other channel partner in customer projects. As things return to normalcy and supply chain issues ease, how should APAC channel partners and vendors with different ecosystems come together to grow their businesses and optimize resources efficiently?

We talked to our analyst specialists as part of a Canalys Expert Interview series in the run-up to the Canalys Forums. Here, Sheena Wee, Canalys Analyst, Channels answers the questions:

What’s the most important issue for the channel in APAC in 2022?

So far this year, common challenges faced by the channel in APAC have been supply chain issues and a lack of talent. Global supply chain issues hit the industry hard, but most channel partners were able to adapt and manage. The acceleration in digitalization and business transformation brought high demand for tech talent. Talent shortages were prevalent in the APAC region, with borders shut, and companies in other regions offered strong compensation packages and remote working to poach the top people. Salary offers reached all-time highs. But as things begin to return to normalcy, the IT industry is starting to see supply chain issues ease and demand return to pre-pandemic levels – at least for most products. In the latter half of 2022, the industry should see fewer all-time high compensation packages for IT talent. Still, the workforce will continue demanding higher wages to offset high living costs. Most are now worrying as we enter an era of inflation and profit pressures rise for companies.

You hosted several Expert Hub discussions between channel leaders and vendors last year – how beneficial were they?

Expert Hubs are great opportunities for the channel to talk about key challenges within the channel. They provide a unique space that brings people together that play distinct roles in the channel and helps them understand each other’s experiences and points of view. In the Expert Hub discussions last year, vendors learned what is happening on the ground, what is real and what is not, while the channel was educated on the various initiatives that vendors were putting forward and why they are doing what they are doing.

What will the channel most want to hear from vendors at the Channels Forums APAC 2022?

We are entering an era of inflation and a period of political and economic uncertainty in the APAC region. Customers turn to channel partners to solve business complexities but are cautious about making major investments despite wanting to transform their businesses. Vendors are taking strides to move forward and grow, and the channel wants to be part of that journey. It will be important to know how channel partners can be involved in supporting and adding value as the industry transforms through this period of uncertainty. The channel will be interested to explore what role each can play in the robust channel ecosystem to drive growth.

What one piece of advice do you have for partners or vendors as they consider how to spark growth in 2023?

Sparking growth will take more than just being good on your own – it will need collaboration with others in the channel ecosystem. Leveraging expertise from different players in the channel ecosystem will be key to growing business and could act as a way to manage the prevalent lack of resources and resolve the specific issues the channel is facing.

What advantages do the Canalys Forums bring to sponsors, vendors and partner attendees, compared with their own events?

The Canalys Forums are designed by the channel for the channel. They are independent events where people from the entire ecosystem, vendors to distributors to partners – all of which play different roles in supporting the ecosystem, come together to share their thoughts, perspectives and experiences on various topics. The events provide a platform to network, share, listen, learn and add value to one another. Partners will have access to not just one or two vendors but a whole host of different vendors – even those outside of their current portfolios. Similarly, vendors will have opportunities to network with various channel partners – even those beyond their usual reach.

Expert Hub discussions will take place physically and virtually at the Canalys Forums 2022. They are panels for the channel to discuss the channel and to help inform the vendors on what’s real and what’s not. Attendees can watch, comment and ask questions.

Partners and vendors wanting to secure places at the Canalys Forums should register their interest or contact their Canalys account manager now.