Canalys Forums 2022: holistic security; is XDR in your strategy?

Canalys Forums 2022: holistic security; is XDR in your strategy?

XDR is a hot topic, and one of the many cybersecurity offerings fighting for airtime in the channel today. In this blog, we explore how much the channel understands the current offerings, whether customers understand the value and where the future of XDR is for the channel.


XDR is moving beyond the hype to improve channel’s cyber capabilities

Extended detection and response (XDR) solutions have become one of the most hyped cybersecurity solutions in a bubble-shaped market, but is growing in importance and adoption rates are improving strongly. One issue is so many vendors are selling, or claiming to sell, an XDR solution, which does not help the perception of confusion and noise in the channel.

The key difference between XDR and earlier iterations of detection and response solutions is the promise of a broader solution. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) and managed detection and response (MDR) solutions have preceded this point in cybersecurity. EDR is a product-focused discussion while MDR is the managed version of that product but has sometimes simply been sold as-a-service without true cybersecurity management and response skills to back it up. XDR promises to deliver a broader threat-hunting approach across endpoints and infrastructure from a cloud environment. The unification of telemetry from different elements of the cybersecurity stack coupled with proactive, AI-based threat hunting in an automated fashion is an important goal, but if it can be deployed accurately it has the potential to change the way the channel approaches security and open stronger solutions up to a broader range of channel partners.

An alliance mindset is vital to success in XDR

The guiding philosophy for modern cybersecurity solutions is to help build better response capabilities. Threats and attacks are a daily reality, but the proliferation of different technologies within our business environments makes detection and response much harder. Accepting no one vendor can provide everything means we must build better alliances between vendors if we are to protect these fragmented environments. XDR relies on integrations between technologies to gather the telemetry which is the beginning of the entire exercise. Any good XDR solution is built on the premise; we work better together.

For channel partners, cutting through the noise is about examining which vendors approach XDR with this mindset. Vendors which are collaborative are likely to have built stronger integrations with one another to deliver open data sharing across the cybersecurity stack beyond just endpoints. We have the opportunity to examine the key technology and business needs of channel partners during the Canalys Forums 2022 as we look to understand how vendors should be building XDR solutions. In our Expert Hubs we will also be asking vendors to provide their views on what a good XDR solution should include. The discussions also bring the opportunity to answer the most important questions channel partners have about adding XDR to their cybersecurity skills.

Our Expert Hub discussions will take place physically and virtually at the Canalys Forums 2022, hosted by Canalys analysts. They are panels for the channel to discuss the channel​ and to help inform participating vendors on what’s real and what’s not. In-person and virtual attendees can watch, comment and ask questions.

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