A new way to interrogate mobile app market dynamics

Palo Alto, Shanghai, Singapore and Reading – Monday, 17 September 2012

Canalys today announced the launch of its new App Interrogator, with immediate availability. This web-based tool provides clients with daily updates on the market performance of top mobile apps across more than 50 countries and five leading providers’ app stores, delivering up-to-the-moment comparison and analysis through an intuitive and powerful user interface.

‘From launch, we believe this is the best engine in the industry for companies that need to understand where the money is being made in mobile apps and the trends on different platforms country by country,’ said Rachel Lashford, Canalys MD of Mobile and APAC. ‘It not only provides data on app downloads, pricing and revenues, but also integrates with our sophisticated forecasting systems, leveraging over a decade of experience in sizing markets for mobile products to predict future store growth and expenditure.’

The sophisticated, proprietary algorithms sitting behind the App Interrogator are designed to generate self-improving predictions as data accumulates, taking into account actual and predicted changes in the device landscape, seasonality, holidays and a host of other factors.

‘We are in a unique position to deliver this information,’ added Chris Jones, Canalys VP and Principal Analyst. ‘We bring to the table the rigorous methodologies that have underpinned our rise to become one of the most respected global industry analyst firms; our leadership in the provision of smart phone and pad market data, analysis and forecasts; and our commitment to continual innovation and cutting-edge web tools and delivery. Also, as an independent analyst firm, with no ties or partnerships in the mobile advertising world, clients can trust that the data we provide is unbiased.’

Canalys is committed to adding more stores and countries quickly as they come online to keep the App Interrogator at the forefront of the industry. Clients of the App Interrogator will also see continual development of new features and analysis options as well as benefit from an expanding program of qualitative and quantitative research among app developers.

Flexible packages and pricing around subscription lengths, the number of stores and countries covered means the App Interrogator is ideal for all players in the mobile app ecosystem, from the store owners themselves, through operators, social networks and device vendors to publishers and content and brand owners.

For more information about the App Interrogator, including a live demonstration, please contact your nearest Canalys office.

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 A new way to interrogate mobile app market dynamics


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