Digital transformation drives Canalys to further growth in 2016

Palo Alto, Shanghai, Singapore and Reading (UK) – Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Canalys today reported annual revenue of US$12.4 million for the year ending 31 December 2016, a 5% increase on 2015. In Canalys’ eighteen-year history, it has only once failed to deliver annual growth, back during the financial crisis of 2009. For 2016, it also reported another year of record profits, while adding another 12 members to its worldwide team.

Steve Brazier, Canalys President and CEO, said, “Digital is at the heart of all our new business initiatives, and continues to drive Canalys forward as the most digitally advanced analyst firm on the planet. Our apps contribute energy and innovation to our own events, and those of our partners. Candefero, our channel community, provides real-time feedback from nearly 10,000 members around the world. Our benchmarks rate the performance of vendors and distributors in real-time and are now based on more than 25,000 responses. Meanwhile, our analysts deliver market data to our customers faster, at a higher quality and greater level of detail than the competition due to the unique cloud data platform that we’ve developed to support them.”

Rita Chaher, Executive Vice President, said, “Canalys is a unique place to work because it lives and breathes digital technology. Some analyst firms simply talk about digital transformation, while the transformation of Canalys has already been heralded at industry conferences. We invest far more of our revenue in technology than our competitors and the results speak for themselves. We serve our customers better because we have unique insight at our fingertips, we are agile and we can act quickly.”

“The technology industry is undergoing profound change and we are riding that transformation,” said Senior Vice President, Alan Cardy. “Some categories, such as servers and storage, are in decline and industry consolidation represents a challenge, while many new areas are opening up. Canalys has had great success over the last 12 months in three vital growth areas: autonomous vehicles, robotics and augmented reality. Every new product category has routes-to-market challenges, and Canalys is where the industry comes to find answers to those challenges.”

Rachel Lashford, Vice President, Marketing, said, “The importance of Chinese technology companies keeps increasing and we are continuing to invest fastest there. We are proud that around 25% of our global workforce are either Chinese or fluent in Mandarin. Over the last 12 months our WeChat channel, Canalys_China, has become our highest yielding marketing activity. We are also proud that over 50% of our team is female – not too many technology companies can claim that!’

The US dollar is now Canalys’ official reporting currency, effective 1 January 2017.

About Canalys

Canalys is an independent analyst company that strives to guide clients on the future of the technology industry and to think beyond the business models of the past. We deliver smart market insights to IT, channel and service provider professionals around the world. We stake our reputation on the quality of our data, our innovative use of technology and our high level of customer service.

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