Canalys launches Autonomous Vehicle Analysis Worldwide market intelligence service

Shanghai, Palo Alto, Singapore and Reading (UK) – Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Global analyst team brings unique local market insights

Canalys is pleased to announce the availability of its latest continuous market intelligence service: Autonomous Vehicle Analysis Worldwide. The service has been developed specifically with the needs of both technology vendors and the automotive sector in mind, in order to provide them with the critical analysis and insight that will help them navigate through a fast-changing market as their very different worlds collide.

Clients will enjoy the benefit of having access to a global team of analysts, which is essential when trying to understand the business opportunities and threats that are emerging in a geographically diverse and dynamic market. Local market insight and research relationships are crucial for companies whose futures will depend on events unfolding on a country-by-country, or even city-by-city level.

“Being at one of the centers of where our future modes of transport are being defined and created is amazing; I see autonomous vehicles on the streets every day here in Palo Alto,” said Chris Jones, Canalys co-founder, VP and Chief Analyst, “and my fellow analysts in China, Singapore and Europe are all sharing and comparing what they are seeing on the ground too.”

“No one should underestimate the business and social impact of the changes we will witness with the rise of autonomous vehicles over the coming years,” Jones continued. “Don’t mistake this conjunction of technologies as mere hype. Automotive companies will experience more and faster change over the next ten years than they have in the past hundred. Their best people are already being headhunted by disruptive market entrants, and they too will face disruption as new competitors race in.”

“Today’s leading edge and tomorrow’s mainstream cars are becoming more and more dependent on the products of both automotive and ICT component suppliers. Technology vendors lacking an autonomous vehicle strategy are already years behind,” commented Nicole Peng, Canalys Research Director, APAC. “Even the most confident incumbents need to understand the threat posed by activity beyond their field of vision. Today’s automotive and technology markets have grown out of typically US-led developments, but Chinese companies have the investment and a capacity for rapid innovation that will allow them to overtake the old guard. In only the past few weeks, several major technology companies in China have announced their autonomous vehicle plans, and places like Singapore are quickly moving ahead with on-road testing and public transport trials.”

Canalys is hosting a free WebEx on 17 May 2016 in which Chris Jones will provide insight on some of the challenges ahead. To sign up, simply follow the link and provide your details:

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 Canalys launches Autonomous Vehicle Analysis Worldwide market intelligence service


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