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Gemma Edwards | Thursday, June 03 2021

Last week we announced that the 2021 Canalys Forums will take place virtually. The Forums will kick off in EMEA on 5 October, LATAM on 19 October and APAC on 16 November.

The support we received in 2020 was staggering and a testament to the strength of the community – we thank you all so much! We are excited to be back in 2021 to bring you more exceptional opportunities to learn and connect.

Why not hybrid or onsite?

Virtual events have many advantages over in-person events, including increased audience diversity, smaller carbon footprints, larger attendance and, of course, lower costs.

It’s also true that at this stage of the pandemic recovery, it is too early to commit funds to fly 1,000 people internationally to stay in hotels. Vaccination progress gives us great hope but there are still countertrends, including the risk of new variants. Nobody can be sure what the next few months will look like, and we have to decide about our events now.

What can I expect?

Two full days of live content, meeting opportunities, analyst insight, keynote presentations and exceptional guest speakers await our 2021 audiences. Canapii, Canalys’ leading event technology solution, will be used to run our event experiences. In the last year, Canapii has hosted over 700 events with more than 80,000 attendees. You could say we’ve picked up a lesson or two about how to run great digital events!

Based on our experiences and your feedback, this year we will bring our audiences together throughout our event days, with more live moments and analyst-facilitated conversations with the channels community. This will be different to 2020 where nearly all content was available exclusively on-demand. Don’t worry, we’ve made it more flexible than ever, so you can still hop in and out of our events, choosing the elements that suit your needs.

Here are some of the things you’ll be able to enjoy at the 2021 Canalys Forums:

  • Top channel partner voices and insights.
  • Canalys analyst market vision.
  • Short, perceptive keynotes.
  • “Expert hubs”: intimate, facilitated interaction with partners, distributors and vendors around dedicated topics.
  • Video meeting opportunities.
  • Subtitles in several languages, hosted on a platform designed for a global audience.

As ever, we are working with the world’s leading distributors to connect partners to the broadest possible range of channel-friendly vendors. Going virtual means we can invite far more attendees than ever before to create opportunities together. Our goal is simple: to deliver the best digital experiences you will take part in this year.

In 2021, after a year of the “new normal”, we, like many other companies, feel confident that virtual experiences are valuable experiences and offer unique opportunities for us all to thrive and connect.

Be sure to save the dates:
EMEA: 5 to 7 October | LATAM: 19 to 21 October | APAC: 16 to 18 November
and keep an eye on our
events web site for more information in the coming weeks.

We wish you and your families good health.

Gemma Edwards, VP, Events, and all at Canalys


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