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Intelligent Vehicle Analysis

Intelligent Vehicle Analysis

Do you have the most comprehensive data available to track the rise of these intelligent vehicles?

Canalys’ Intelligent Vehicle Analysis service delivers the most detailed data for sizing the car market by brand and model alongside splits on connectivity,  convenience, driver assistance and safety features. 

Intelligent Vehicle Analysis content

We offer detailed data analysis across functions:

  • Quarterly shipment estimates

  • Quarterly market trends

  • Annual forecasts

  • Quarterly car sales data for over 40 OEM brands split by model family in major markets

  • Design your own service - you can only pay for what you need

  • Timely data - faster than any other supplier!

The ultimate automotive service

We support you to make timely and tough decisions. We held you understand how your business can thrive by customizing your service with data relevant to your business. You can use our untilimited inquiry service to get tailored insight.

We will help you focus your market development activities and most importantly help you identify key strategic issues to provide yout he "why" behind the data and forecasts.

 All the data you'll ever need!

Access and support

Trends analysis

A continuous flow of analytical reports supported by market data reflecting the dynamic nature of the market

Feature-rich tools, unlimited access

All content is made available in easily accessible, intuitive formats through a client website on a corporate licence basis

Unlimited enquiry

Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours

Conclusions and advice

Further insight and recommendations available through direct access with experienced analysts through meetings or webcasts

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