Taiwan at the centre of a booming satellite navigation industry, says Canalys

Taipei - Thursday, 13 March 2008

Recent market data released by leading industry analyst firm Canalys shows how the boom in the global satellite navigation market is continuing. Worldwide shipments of mobile GPS navigation devices increased from 16.8 million in 2006 to 39.0 million last year, with Taiwan emerging as the fourth-largest market in Asia Pacific in terms of shipments and home to many of the OEMs and ODMs that are so vital to this industry. It is therefore critical that Taiwanese manufacturers stay in touch with the changing market dynamics to stay competitive.

“Taiwan already has a key role in the global navigation industry,” said Chris Jones, Canalys VP and principal analyst. “But the industry is changing. The US market has taken off, but seen rapid declines in selling prices, and the Asia Pacific region is now growing faster than Europe. Hardware vendors are buying mapping and software companies. Different vendors lead these different markets and knowing who to partner with will be crucial for future success. In addition we will see big changes in device capabilities and platform choices over the next few years. Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) today account for 90% of shipments, but smart phones are the fastest growing mobile GPS navigation device category and have great potential, especially in large, underpenetrated markets like China and India. The integration of cellular connectivity by PND vendors is also going to throw up huge technical, marketing and channel issues; and the development of additional revenue streams through new location-aware services, though attractive, presents many challenges for manufacturers, software companies and network operators.”  

On 15 May 2008, the Canalys Navigation Forum will bring navigation and location technology business leaders and innovators together in Taipei to share insights and discuss the future development of the global and local market, as well as present analysis from its new Taiwan mobility market survey. Chris Jones will be joined on stage by Canalys CEO Steve Brazier, leading analysts from Asia and Europe, and other industry figures.  

Chris Jones added, “GPS devices are about to spread far beyond their established markets in Japan, Korea, Europe and the US to reach consumers globally. GPS integration in mobile phones, cameras and other devices will bring far greater volumes than we are seeing now, while driving down costs even further. For Taiwan these changes present both an opportunity and a threat.” Jones continued, “Taiwanese OEMs and ODMs need to understand how big these markets are; they also need to ensure they’re working with the right technology and business partners; and they need to keep a close eye on technology developments to understand how they can remain competitive, driving down material costs while producing market-leading devices. The Canalys Navigation Forum in Taipei is an essential event for those who wish to maximise their chances of success in this industry over the next few years.”  

For information about the Canalys Navigation Forum, to register or to find out about sponsorship opportunities please visit http://taipei.canalysnavigationforum.com or contact Canalys directly at its Singapore or European offices.

The Canalys Navigation Forum 2008 

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 Taiwan at the centre of a booming satellite navigation industry, says Canalys


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