Canalys charts top channel topics for 2011

Palo Alto, Singapore and Reading (UK) – Monday, 13 December 2010

Canalys today announced some of the key research topics that it believes will most impact the technology channel in 2011. The priority areas include:

  • Data centre channels.
  • Changing channel economics in an ‘as-a-service’ world.
  • The evolution of distribution.
  • Technology partner models of the future.
  • Partnerships, collaboration and the role of social media.
  • Best practice in partner management: analysis of leading vendors, including Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec and others.

Canalys Channels Analysis customers receive unlimited enquiry support from experienced analysts, allowing them to understand the implications of market developments on their specific businesses. Through reports, ‘Pulses’, survey results and webcasts, Canalys provides analysis of channel strategies and trends, as well as best practices in channel management.

‘For over a decade, Canalys has specialized in delivering insights into both technology trends and go-to-market expertise,’ said Alastair Edwards, Principal Analyst and head of the Channels Analysis service at Canalys. ‘The technology channel remains a complex and dynamic environment, and vendors must ensure that they are at the cutting edge of partner management.’

Canalys provides a unique and independent perspective on technology trends, such as globalization, virtualization and cloud computing, as well as new market developments, such as mergers and acquisitions, helping vendors to make informed decisions.

Building on the success of the Canalys Channels Forum in Barcelona in October 2010, Canalys’ capabilities span conferences, consulting and subscription services. The Channels Analysis service complements Canalys’ other technology services, including Enterprise Security Analysis, Enterprise Networking Analysis, Unified Communications Analysis and Data Centre Analysis.

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About Channels Analysis EMEA

Channels Analysis EMEA, now in its twelfth successful year, is recognized as the essential continuous advisory service for channel managers and strategists in all technology industries (including IT, networking, security, unified communications and consumer electronics). It focuses on the key issues affecting the sales, marketing and distribution of high-tech products and services in Europe. It guides strategic decision-making and is used to support existing strategies and reinforce policy in front of customers, partners, senior management and the press.

Advice is delivered via frequent, concise, analytical reports and direct contact with an experienced analyst team. Regular ‘Pulse’ opinion pieces provide concise analysis of major channel and industry events. Clients also receive results and analysis from regular surveys, conducted with hundreds of resellers, systems integrators, retailers and distributors across EMEA. Canalys’ online channel community, Candefero, has over 3,400 members and clients of the service may propose questions that directly address their own immediate concerns. Clients also gain access to Canalys research databases, which give valuable information about the major European channel players, and the Canalys Critique, the quarterly webcast that presents the latest European market data and channel research and a critical analysis of market trends.

About Canalys

Canalys specializes in delivering high-quality market data, analysis and advice to the world’s leading technology vendors. It is recognized as a key provider of continuous advisory services and confidential custom projects for marketing managers and strategists within blue-chip IT, telecoms, navigation, and consumer electronics companies. It has unrivalled expertise in routes to market for all kinds of high-technology products and services and provides worldwide market data and trends analysis. Canalys does not release preliminary, incomplete data and uses consistent definitions and methodologies to ensure total consistency across all of the market data that appears in its services. The company publishes its final market data every quarter for every country tracked simultaneously on the same day.

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 Canalys charts top channel topics for 2011


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