Canalys Events blog: Taking a virtual site visit

Gemma Edwards | Tuesday, June 23 2020

This time last year, I never imagined I’d be in my home office, hearing from one of my team that they were about to dial into a virtual site visit of a hotel property, but here we are!

virtual site visit

Up until January 2020, it was easy for us to go into a hotel and map out the future of our event. Now, with hotels shut and travel suspended, this becomes a bigger hurdle. But this innovative site visit was very useful and informative. While it’s never going to be as good as being there in person, it gives you an idea of the venue and what to expect, which is vital for decision-making. It made me wonder if we’ve been taking site visits for granted and if we can maybe now consider a new approach to venues, one that saves time and is more cost-efficient.

Will this become a trend even in the post-COVID era? What other virtual activities will we see in the coming months? The “new normal” may be able to teach us more about the industry and our skills than ever before!


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