Seven ways to support your high-performing team – all the time, not just during uncertainty

Gemma Edwards | Friday, April 17 2020

As a global company, it is vital that our whole team feels they are getting the support they need. This is especially important during times of uncertainty, such as now.

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So, what are the ways a company can make a difference in supporting its high-performing teams? And how can these support mechanisms be altered during times of crisis to ensure that employees continue to receive the support they need? Some companies have set themselves up to provide lifestyle benefits, such as food, gyms, nurseries and happy hours on-site. But employees have rightly become cynical about these, as it’s clear they benefit the organization by encouraging people to be on-site and working for longer. And when being on-site is no longer an option, how can companies change the way these benefits are delivered so that people still gain from the support at home?

Here are the seven things that Canalys recommends trying in order to support your teams in different ways, along with seven suggestions about how the recommendations can be altered to continue to provide support remotely:

  1. Provide free healthy snacks. Alternative: provide access to an online healthy cooking app to help people learn how to make good meals for themselves at home.
  2. Health and fitness activities to suit different levels – yoga, HIT, running club, regular walks. Alternative: move these activities online! For example, our company’s weekly boot-camp has been moved online so that we can still come together and exercise. A bonus is that it makes the class accessible to people all around the world, regardless of time zone.
  3. Make sure people feel supported in their mental health by deploying employee helpline facilities for mental and physical health or financial advice. Alternative: provision of wellness apps – for example, Headspace has launched corporate subscriptions that will allow employees to continue to take time to care for their mental health remotely.
  4. Setting up an office library. Alternative: move to ebooks. Library apps such as Libby are a great way to ensure everyone has access to the same books and for free.
  5. Team lunches – these can be expensed, but sometimes it’s enough just to encourage people to get together. Alternative: virtual happy hour! This is another great way to bring employees from different time zones together and to make sure people are continuing to maintain their co-worker relationships from home.
  6. Making sure holidays are taken and respecting that time away from work. Alternative: ensure employees know that holidays are still to be taken even when everyone is working from home, and encourage people to take a few days away from the screen if they feel they need to.
  7. Promoting training. Alternative: while offline training often has more impact, take this time as an opportunity to encourage workers to engage in online training, and think about setting up some time afterwards for people to come together virtually to reflect on what they’ve learned.

These are just some of the things that we are doing. We realize that everybody’s situation is different. Canalys is not perfect; we are constantly learning and adapting. Can you share some ideas of what has worked well for your companies? Let’s try and support not just our teams, but our whole industry.

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