How to motivate your team during a crisis (hint: mental health support will go a long way!)

Gemma Edwards | Monday, March 23 2020

Social distancing, self-isolation and self-quarantine are suddenly phrases to define our new working environments. As companies strive to put in place measures that will best protect their staff and support their communities, teams are, with little time to prepare, beginning to work remotely. Here at Canalys, we have a global events team and are used to communicating virtually every day. That said, our smaller regional teams still rely on face-to-face interaction to motivate them at work.

How to motivate your team

This big adjustment means we must place mental health at the heart of our strategies. The world has not experienced a global crisis of this kind in the era of social media and instant information. It’s hard not to feel bombarded, anxious and stressed over the constant updates on the worsening situation, especially when many of us will now be in isolated working environments. With my team I’m making sure to:

  • Arrange frequent video check-in calls to support our daily interaction on Microsoft Teams.
  • Let them know where they can find support, whether through our company mental health service or free helplines in their countries.
  • Encourage daily “wellness” breaks. Be it a yoga session or a virtual bootcamp session at home.

Through work, I’m also motivating my team to think beyond the crisis by:

  • Testing their creativity.
  • Promoting innovative suggestions.
  • Looking for opportunities in the crisis.
  • Learning about insurance, communication and supplier/venue clauses that will better protect our business in the future.
  • Turning their attention to our team “wish list” items that we now have more time to focus on.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on how you are motivating your teams too!

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