Why am I constantly being told that the world is going to end?!

Gemma Edwards | Friday, April 24 2020

The media’s coverage of the coronavirus continues to dominate our news and social media channels. So how, in a time of such unprecedented uncertainty, can we manage our own media exposure to avoid becoming overloaded with negativity while ensuring we stay properly informed as the pandemic develops?

Given that health experts remain unsure about so many aspects of the virus, a large proportion of the news is simply speculative, feeding into our anxieties as we try to make sense of all the best- and worst-case scenarios. Now is the perfect time to look at who and what we follow, making sure we stick to trustworthy sources and block those accounts posting toxic or false information.

5km run for heroes

Why not try to limit your news intake and use your time to explore other methods of staying connected (while abiding by social distancing rules!). Try to relax and feel connected via fun social media challenges, like the 5km Run for Heroes to raise money for charity (like some of Canalys’ events team did!), quiz nights with your friends and family, watching talk-show hosts broadcasting from their living rooms or posting a viral Tik-Tok dance battle (you know you’ve all tried it!). How are you digitally connecting and switching off from the news? Do you have any suggestions for us to try out?

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