Canalys event blog: Lockdown logs: Creating a sense of unity across our global offices

Gemma Edwards | Tuesday, April 28 2020

While social distancing measures continue to dramatically affect our lives, social media platforms, with their ability to connect audiences and promote positive attitudes, have allowed us to adjust to the current situation more quickly than we could have done, say, 20 years ago. At Canalys, we’ve been experimenting with using our social media channels in different ways to stay connected with our colleagues around the world. One way we’ve done this is by starting an online video series – “Lockdown logs”.

Marcy and Stella

Every week, we ask one Canalys employee to take a video of themselves explaining the biggest challenges they have faced while adjusting to life under lockdown, as well as one new thing they have tried or learned. From tips about staying productive working from a home office that doubles as a playground, to stories about finding companionship in an automated lawnmower (yes, really!), it’s been wonderful to hear the stories of our colleagues and to gain a perspective into the challenges of their daily lives.

Steve and mo

These videos are shared across our internal channels, as well our LinkedIn and Twitter pages, so that clients and followers can also see what our employees are getting up to. We hope that people will take inspiration from these videos and see the value in sharing short snippets of their home lives as a way of creating a sense of unity among us.

We’ve been seeing lots of people across our own social media channels sharing videos of their lives at home, and we’ve been finding them a great way to stay entertained. One example is the staff of Bon Appetit Magazine, who have started making cooking tutorials from their home kitchens. Without access to industrial cooking equipment and gourmet ingredients, the chefs have turned to posting tutorials for things we can all actually make at home (who knew there were 13 different ways to make pantry pasta?!). It’s comforting to see how different people are adjusting in their own ways, and these types of videos are a great reminder that regardless of where we are living, what we do for work or what our personal interests are, we’re all going through the same thing and the ability to connect with others, even just by bringing a smile to their face, is one of the most important things we can do.

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