Balancing all these new hats can be a major challenge!

Gemma Edwards | Wednesday, April 15 2020

Working in events you are used to juggling a lot of different tasks and deadlines, working unconventional hours, being remote from office and family, and having to overcome hurdles to achieve a great event. But now in these COVID-19 times, we are having to take on a lot more challenges. Many of us are finding that we are having to wear a lot of new hats: home schoolteacher, personal trainer, parent, entertainer, quiz master and chef to name but a few!


I’m used to planning and carrying out successful 1,000-attendee global Canalys Forums, but this week, now that we’re on Singapore “circuit breaker” lockdown, I have to put my hands up and say I am struggling to balance all these hats! How do you strike a balance and keep your sanity?! I keep telling myself not to stress out, we’re all in this together, it’s not for forever… breathe!

During a video conference call, a colleague could obviously sense my anxiety and shared a post that he’d seen as he felt it rang true as to what we are all feeling during lockdown:

working principles


This helped me stop, think and take note of the reality of the situation. There is no measure of what is right or wrong during this health crisis; the priority is looking after your well-being and staying safe.


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