All you need to know about the Canalys Forums APAC 2021

Gemma Edwards | Monday, November 15 2021

This week is the Canalys Forums APAC 2021 and here is all you need to know to THRIVE: - 

Canalys is excited to have the IT channels community back on the platform to bring you more exceptional opportunities to learn and network. The virtual event sessions begin on 16 November, but the one-to-one meeting system is open now.  

The event starts with an update on developments and economics across the channels ecosystem and IT industry. Canalys analysts will also give a brief update on security, cloud, smartphone, and PCs. This is then followed by: 

Canalys Chief Analysts bring you four major headline sessions for APAC 2021: 

The race against time | 16 November 12:00 pm SGT 

The COVID-19 induced digital leap has led to new economic, social and tech issues emerging. The biggest issue for us now is time. Matthew Ball, Chief Analyst, Canalys analyses the impact of the constant race against time to supply despite the shortages, to be cyber-resilient yet productive and performance-optimized yet sustainable. 

Five major forces | 16 November 12:20 pm SGT 

Alex Smith, Channels VP, Canalys explores five major forces shaping the world of technology. These forces are a combination of political and societal issues, some have been accelerated by the pandemic, all of which will help shape the world of technology for years to come. 

The path to Reseller 4.0 | 16 November 12:40 pm SGT 

Alastair Edwards, Chief Analyst, Canalys takes you through crucial channel changes and the dynamics shaping partners over the next few years. 

The channel thrives | 17 November 8:30 am SGT 

“The best place to be employed over the next decade will be the tech industry!” Hear from Steve Brazier, President and CEO, Canalys as he takes you through how successful the IT channel is and how its influence will continue to grow. He’ll talk you through the immediate challenges, but also coming good news and major opportunities. 

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This year Canalys brings attendees a brand-new experience of virtual events through our new “Expert hubs” session. Top partners, distributors and vendors will come together in intimate, facilitated, interactive conversations with partners, distributors and vendors on dedicated topics.  

Expert hubs schedule: 

Strategy Expert Hub: Distributing the products, thriving on service | 16 November 5:00 pm SGT 

Distribution is thriving. Revenues and margins are up. Join this panel to hear what APAC’s leading distributors are planning for the next 12 months. Can the good times last? Will there be further consolidation? How are the power relationships between vendors and distributors shifting? 

Join Steve Brazier, President and CEO, Canalys along with: 

  • John Walters - Group CEO, NEXTGEN Group 
  • Vlad Mitnovetski - COO, Dicker Data 
  • Brad Gray - Senior Vice President, Exclusive Networks 
  • Simon Ewington - WW Distribution, Hewlett Packard Enterprise  
  • Rajiv Srivastava - Managing Director, India Market, Reddington 

Top leaders in the channel and vendors will also join Steve’s Strategy Expert Hub: Thriving partners |18 November 9:30 am SGT 

  • Steve Brazier - President and CEO, Canalys  
  • Ng Tian-Chong - Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc. 
  • Dennis Koh - Managing Director, CTC Global 
  • Varoon D. Rajani - Founder and CEO, Blazeclan Technologies 
  • Narong Intanate - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Vintcom 
  • Roy Ng – Director, Asia Pacific Channel Lead, Lenovo
  • Anirudh Shrotriya - Managing Director, Shro Systems 
  • Peter Stein - GM Strategy, Product Solutions Group, Datacom 
  • Andy Waroma - Founder, Cloud Comrade 
  • John Walters - Group CEO, NEXTGEN Group 
  • Tian Beng Ng - Senior Vice President and General Manager, Channel, Asia Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies 
  • George Hope - WW Partner Sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Sustainability Expert Hub: Diversity and skills gap | 17 November 9:00 am SGT 

Our industry remains stubbornly imbalanced in terms of diversity, equality and inclusion.  

This hub will focus on:  

  • The channel’s commitment to inspiring change.  
  • Discuss organizations’ approach to D&I.  
  • Investigate whether vendors have influence on partners’ diversity goals.  
  • The skills gap, discussing how the channel can increase skills in all areas. 

Cybersecurity Expert Hub: Fighting threats | 17 November 9:30 am SGT 

This session will identify where partners focus and prioritize investments to deliver products and services to secure customers and help them thrive. 

Digital workplace Expert Hub: Device as a service|17 November 11:00 am SGT 

This panel will discuss what prohibits end-users from moving to a DaaS model for PCs, and what are the best practices when it comes to achieving a sustainable DaaS business within an organization. 

Cybersecurity Expert Hub: Finding talent |17 November 1:30 pm SGT 

Cyberthreats continue to increase at an alarming rate, with every year being a record in terms of data breaches, and new sophisticated attacks becoming commonplace. In this hub we will explore how the channel is looking to increase cybersecurity skills. 

ITaaS Expert Hub: Managed services |17 November 3:00 pm SGT 

This session aims to demystify some of the marketing speak and provide concrete examples of what technologies are helping partners drive managed services. It will also investigate how partners are preparing their business models, and technical and sales teams for the increased challenge of delivering managed services. 

Sustainability Expert Hub: Environment |17 November 4:30 pm SGT 

This session dives into how organizations define, measure and act on environmental metrics such as renewables, offsets, energy use, carbon, recycled materials, GHGs, water use and reclaimed materials. We will discuss strategic goals, measurement tactics, reporting processes, verification and stakeholder engagement.  

ITaaS Expert Hub: Cloud | 18 November 10:30 am SGT 

A session designed to examine partners' current and future opportunities in cloud strategies, be they public, private or hybrid models. 

Sustainability Expert Hub: Circular economy |18 November 10:30 am SGT 

The technology industry over the years has streamlined supply chains, making it as seamless and efficient as possible to get technology into the hands of consumers, businesses, and governments across the globe. This hub will explore the growing importance of the circular economy and what role the channel is playing in driving it forward. 

Digital workplace Expert Hub: The future office | 18 November 2:00 pm SGT 

This hub sets out with the assumption that offices will continue to thrive alongside the many forms of working. It’s aim is to uncover all that is exciting and innovative about the future of the office. 

Strategy Expert Hub: Channel ecosystems |18 November 4:00 pm SGT 

A hub to examine the importance of ecosystem partnerships in the channel, how and where they can work, the pitfalls and challenges, and how vendors can best support channel ecosystems. 

Finally, we will be revealing the Candefero Channel Partner of the Year Awards. 

The Channel Partner of the Year awards recognizes outstanding performance in specific areas. Anyone can nominate a channel partner, including vendors, distributors, customers, or the channel partner itself. 

We are excited to see you join us live on Canapii.  

Let's THRIVE together.  

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