PC Analysis

The PC Analysis service offers a unique view of the entire client PC market, with shipment estimates and forecasts for desktops, notebooks, tablets and two-in-ones. We combine this with Canalys’ unique expertise and direct channels research to provide a detailed view of routes-to-market dynamics.


The service gives a complete country-level view of shipment estimates far in advance of competitors. We combine detailed worldwide statistics for all categories with Canalys’ unique data on shipments via tier-one and tier-two channels. The service also provides a unique view of the end-user type. At the same time, we deliver regular analysis to give insights into the data, including the assumptions behind our forecast outlooks.





  • Shipments by vendor, by category and by form factor
  • Shipments by country (currently offered in 52 countries)
  • Product specifications (eg, screen size, network, OS) for tablets and two-in-one
  • Shipments by model (currently offered on gaming notebooks)
  • Shipments by price band for tablets and two-in-ones
  • Client PC shipments by channel
  • Client PC shipments by end-user type
  • Client PC forecasts
  • Tablet installed base forecast
  • Worldwide Chromebook market estimates
  • A range of accessible analysis: Strategy Outlooks, Vendor Performance Indexes, Country Profiles and forecast summaries and assumptions


The service offers a complete and thorough overview of the market, but you also explore build-your-own options and only pay for what you need.


Access and support


  • Unlimited inquiry

    Direct access to analysts who respond to questions within the topic scope within 24 hours.

  • Feature-rich tools, unlimited access

    Individual access to client website, spreadsheets and published content

  • Trends analysis

    Frequent data and analysis reports produced using a strict methodology and global definitions

  • Conclusions and advice

    Insight and recommendations delivered via analytical reports and direct access to our experienced analyst team.


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